VFR map loading

How long does it take your VFR map to populate in SU10? It takes mine about 4-5 seconds every time and I’m wondering if it’s because I only have 8gb of ram. Also some times I can’t zoom in and out until I zoom a little bit outside the map first. I was thinking about adding more ram but if this wont fix it I won’t bother.

Hi, this has been an issue since SU8. Have a look here:

Edit: Sorry, I was too quick in replying. Yours is a different matter.

Not just you. I have more gig but it takes about the same amount of time to fully finish.

The zoom thing sounds more like the “focus” was pulled from the map window to something else and maybe input priorities got jumbled along the way. Happens to me on (rare) occasions as well.

OK thanks. I won’t waste my money then. Other than that, it runs pretty well.

You may still find a benefit from going to 16GB - that much memory isn’t very expensive compared to going up to 32. The real benefit you get from larger amounts of RAM is the ability to have more apps and larger files open at the same time. My gaming laptop came with one stick of 8 and another empty slot. I bought another 8 and got a small performance gain in the sim. Later on, I managed to scrounge a pair of 16GB sticks and popped them in. But honestly, I might have gained maybe 1-2 frames with that upgrade - not enough to justify the cost if I’d had to pay for them. But they do help when I need to open large PDFs or have 10+ tabs open in Chrome trying to research stuff.

Thanks. I rarely have the situations arise and it doesn’t justify the cost. Also I put extra ram in one laptop a few years back and it fried the computer so I’m a little leery to take any chances for a small benefit haha.