VFR Map on a second monitor doubles the FPS - AMAZING!

When I put the VFR Map on a second monitor, my FPS rises from 48 to 80 FPS !!

When I minimize the VFR Map map on the taskbar, my FPS rises again from 80 fps to 110 fps. !!


From 48 to 110 FPS, is this a bug?
How is this possible?

I want this FPS in the Flight Simulator without experimenting with the VFR Map.

I wish I had a pound for every one of these posts!

Please search before posting stuff like this! It’s been reported multiple times and its a false reading, frame counter is adding fps from whatever windows you have open, it does not mean that your fps has miraculously doubled!


I know the difference in smoothness between 45 fps and 110 fps.
When I fly with the “False” framerate of 110 fps there are no stutters, as a knife trough the butter.
When I close the VFR map, the smoothness is away and the stutters are back
I disagree with you.
The false framerate of 110 is Indeed 110 on my screen.

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For me actually, it goes down from 100 to ~85 when I have VFR map on another monitor.

And when minimizing the VFR map to the taskbar?

on my side it is complete different, if i move ATC and map on second monitor, i loose 50% of FPS

And when closing ATC?

using shadowplay FPS counter?

No, MSI Afterburner with inluded RivaTunerServer