VFR MAP, Plane point UP and others questions

Hi all. A short consultation. Is there a way to get the VFR map to show the icon of my plane pointing up? I have not found it. I must say that compared to what the simulator is in terms of realism, the VFR map seems to be drawn by a 5 year old, the information is little, there is no compass rose, etc. I come from X-plane and really miss the plethora of options on their VFR map. Will there ever be changes with even better resolution? I know there are other programs but I wish that once the VFR map was consistent with the general quality of the program, it is something “very low resolution” it seems to me.

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What do you want the VFR map for? I think I’ve opened it once and never looked at it again. Instead I’m using real world charts, although not flying VFR that often…