VFR Toggle F10 key - try it from cold and dark ;)

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Loaded up in the Baron at Hilo (PHTO), cold and dark at a parking spot. Recently had set the keyboards back to defaults to re-do my key assignments. Still cold and dark, hit the F10 key to try out the “Toggle VFR Cockpit Mode” and suddenly, I’m at 1000 feet, with zero airspeed and nose towards the ground. Then you start to freefall to the ground. Turns out, that’s not enough time to get enough airspeed to pull out of it. It was actually pretty funny! :slight_smile: I think the keyboard bindings need a bit more work, unless F10 is the abbreviation for “[F]all from [10]00 feet” :joy: :rofl: :crazy_face:
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I haven’t figured out a good way (or even tried yet) to record videos. You’ll have to try it for yourself.
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Baron G58, cold and dark at Hilo, press F10 key
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Never tried it before, but this is on build 1.18.14
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MS Store
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No. Not yet.

Upon further investigation, it seems like it may have done a “slew” up. The thing is, the slew up key is F4. The keys seem to be mapped incorrectly between the keyboard key (ASCII hex value??) and the internal command in the sim. This mis-mapping is internal to the sim between the key received and the command sent, not the key mapping in the controls menu of the sim.

View controls are similarly messed up, I think. I haven’t totally inspected all permutations but I tried to set up a custom cockpit view 9 using the CRTL + ALT + 9 keys (default value). It changed views and started a weird stutter switching between two slightly different viewpoints. If I get time, I’ll figure out how to record video and try to document this better.

I’d rather just be flying than trying to debug…

I have the same problem.
Any news for how to solve it?

I have the same problem, :sob:Any news for how to solve it?

Same here…