VHF Signal Degradation and ATC sound settings

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VHF Signal Degradation settings

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I am using " AI Co-pilot handle the com radio’s. "

Hi all,

I don’t seem to be able to adjust ATC sound settings, I can remember ages ago you could have perfectly clear ATC or you could switch on " VHF Signal Degradation " in settings for more realism.

But it seems no matter which options I select in General Options / Sound / VHF nothing changes and it’s stuck on the Degradation setting. I would say it has been like this for a few months now.

In Sound / Communications Selection I have tried Default / and Communication, but it never changes anything also.

ATC is on Azure.

If someone’s Sound is working fine, could you please possibly post a picture of your General options / Sound settings on here?

And another problem has just started this week, when the Sim is fully booted up I hear a " Windows Chime " or alert, but there is no information to inform you what has just occurred. All Data settings and web connections are still on?

I seem to remember this happening several updates ago. Changing the setting had no effect anymore. After a while I just gave up on it and accepted it.

Yes, I think I will have to admit defeat, I also tried altering the sound levels of ATC and that doesn’t work, and also I tried to slow down the external camera speed and that doesn’t work.

Worst of all is the loss of the " Highlight " when setting up your peripherals in Control Options. You configure all the buttons but there is no highlight on the screen to show you have done it correctly anymore … tragic!