VIAS NONE not respected?

Hi. I’m slowly trying to work up the courage to try some player-staffed ATC, and as such I’m watching YT videos, and, in general, trying to get my routes in order.

However, I keep hitting a major annoyance - it seems that the A320N(X) keeps insisting I fly to a VIAS waypoint on approach, even when NONE is selected. The MCDU page will even list the VIAS as NONE, but the flight plan will add an unremovable waypoint anyway (which will also be visible on the VFR map).

I’m pretty sure if I fly with that a player-operated ATC the controllers will likely scream at me for not flying where I need to. As such, I’m wondering if:
a) am I doing something wrong when preparing the flight plan, that the VIAS keeps getting added?
b) if this is a bug (kind of seems to be?), what’s the workaround?

I believe these are the notorious “user” waypoints the game puts in when you select an approach. It makes a stupid semi-circle to the approach to work around discontinuities, but poorly.

The only way to not get these is to manually type your approach waypoints in.

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