[VIDEO] Amazing bug with TBM 930 since the last update

Just here :
youtu.be/ A8f1HM-FNWg

Edit : My game crashed shortly after posting here… :frowning:


Need to delete the space embedded in your URL.

ASOBO needs an expert in control theory for the autopilot.

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I can’t post a link, the space is here for a good reason :wink:

I suddenly have issues with the G3000 being unresponsive and desync’ed, and also unable to change from FMS to VOR Nav1 for a ILS approach.

I learnt how to avoid this overcorrection issues while programming my drones, why can’t they?

Absolutely. Currenly they seem to be using the guys who got sacked for misprograming the Boeing 737 MAX. :wink:

The autopilot still can’t do a flyby waypoint without turning the wrong way for a while.

And it still leaves the capture of a localiser or NAV course too late, overshooting the new track before correcting and settling onto the new track.

All basic control theory stuff.

same again