Video Card for 4K

I know many of you use the RTX2080Ti but the scarcity and expense are too much for me. I was thinking of the RTX2080 Super or the RX5700XT but the later may not be powerful enough. Also, another consideration is the RTX3080 but I’m sure it’s out of my budget of around $700.

Thanks, Darryl
Btw, I new system (parts) would be the AMD 3900X, 32Gb 3600 memory B550 motherboard, all other necessities are existing power-supply, water-cooling, etc.

Ive got a 2080TI and run in 3440x1440 and its still the GPU is maxed out in complex areas in ultra. I would think for 4K the 3080TI if its called that will be the way to go, I will be. One good outcome for this is that I’m sure there will be loads of good cards on eBay soon, my one will be.

The RTX3080 will be announced at the end of August. It is rumored that it might cost a little less than what the RTX2080 did on launch so I would expect it to come in around 700 dollars. Also, it is rumored to be rather powerful and possibly 30% more powerful than a 2080Ti. My advice is to hold off until you see the 3080 announcement, what the price is and what the performance increase is. There is absolutely no point wasting money on an inferior 2080 GPU at this point for the same price.

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Thank you!