Video of My Artifact Issue- How is this related to Glowing Objects?

I’m not sure these artifacts are the same that’s happening around mountains and such, so I’m uploading a short clip to provide a better example of what’s happening. Is this related to glowing objects, or are these artifacts

something entirely different?

Could be a TAA issue. Try with AA off or one of the other AA settings that will make clouds look bad.

It’s there if AA is on or off- no matter the setting. But, it’s not there in clear skies. What’s wrong with the clouds that’s causing this- do you or Asobo know yet?

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It’s all over the mountains, too. Not a fan.

It’s part of the clouds issue. If you have motion blur turned on in graphics, try turning it off. I don’t believe I’ve seen what you see, and I turned off that blur the day it was introduced.

Yeah I don’t use motion blur at all but still have similar problems- with all kinds of things with clouds now. It’s a shame too- the clouds look a LOT better than before. But now we get halos and streamers :man_shrugging:

Back in Feb I posted about strange artifacts/effects/streams coming from lightpoles at airports. They fixed it. I’m afraid they broke it again with SU5.

Here’s a link to my post back then that shows what I’m talking about. The same exact thing is happening again. Same thing.

This is a big immersion killer, especially for anyone who makes videos.

yup, been noticing that also, 1 step forward 5 steps back it seems at times, at least the sim is still 100 steps forward of the competition lol

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Did they ever leave?

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Yeah, after the fix post UK-Update that we had to wait a while for. It was fine until Su5

I must fly in to the wrong airports. :slight_smile:

That’s not saying much…I just jumped back in after a month away and now I’m getting acquainted with the latest problems and annoyances. It’s the little things that kill this sim for me.

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Had them at KSEA today

I have this issue following WU6, even aircraft flying overhead are trailing artefacts behind them, all lamp posts, antenna, masts, etc all throw off artefacts as you taxi past them or use the Drone in showcase mode. Well done Asobo, another great fix.

Same as above but even now seeing streamers coming off wind turbine blades if they are spinning

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I’m glad to see I’m not alone. I’m convinced this is not an issue with my driver or video card. I have trouble shot this all night and it still happens. I’m surprised more people are not reporting this. I am seeing these artifacts on light poles or really any object that moves against the background when it is mostly cloudy or overcast. I’m also getting awful moiré patterns in the clouds especially at the horizon.

I’m glad I found this thread, I thought I had broken something :slight_smile: Asobo, please fix this ghosting… Thank you so much!

Have the same problem here from the beginning.

Upgraded my CPU recently to a 12700, but graphics is still an AMD 5700XT and the problem is still there.

Tried everything from lowest graphic settings, disabling AA, DX11 and 12, disabling / enabling driver features and so on. But the ghosting issue is still present.

Really an atmosphere killer for me… :frowning:

I have the same issue as of June 26. I run 165Hz monitor on a DP connected to 3080FE Gsync ON. Looks like a sim issue now.

Still same issue here with Ryzen 7 5800x3d, 3080 Ti & 16GB DDR4 3200.

Immersion killer especially on airports with all the light poles.