Video Tutorial: How to create a simple airport

Here is a video tutorial for how to create a simple airport. It doesn’t follow the document produced here but I used it for inspiration.


Sorry, did you mean to post that as a response to my question? I don’t see anything in it that explains why ATC refuses to assign the grass runway

No, it was more in response to several questions on here about people having problems with airports and polygons.

Thanks for sharing this!

Did you mean to quote the main thread rather than my post?

oops, yes I did.

Hopefully I just fixed it.

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I have a question regarding runway heading.
It seems like when I align a runway with correct heading from the chart, it doesn’t line up perfectly with the aerial image. Has anyone experienced the same?

Perhaps the magnetic variations of the airfield and the age of the aerial images?

Runway headings are not always perfectly aligned with the cardinal coordinates of their call out. A great example is shown below, where runway 29 is actually aligned with 305 degrees on the compass. So, if you set you heading bug for 290 you’ll be off be 15 degrees! The chart shown below is from a site called SkyVector and it is a very useful site for “live” sectionals, flight planning, and airport diagrams.

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