Videop card recomendations

Flight Simulator newbie—actually an individual who has very little gaming experience.

I am looking for a recommendation from experts here regarding the video card I should get…

My current system is …
Xeon E-2146G KABL 6 Core/12 Thread 3.5 GHz CPU
Apparently I am constrained to Xeon line because of requirement for ECC memory
32 GB ECC memory
750 Watt power supply
Display is 3480 x 2160 aka 4K resolution
Onboard graphics solution – don’t need much for spreadsheets and similar activities
Task manager tells me that my video card is not good.

As I look at available graphic boards to purchase I am really confused

So, for an ‘old guy’ who wants an adequate experience but does not want to spend money foolishly, what would folks here recommend for a video card upgrade. Think middle of the road, not the absolute best.

In this matter I do not even know the questions to ask so your recommendations would be very helpful.

If this topic is too toxic then PM me with your thoughts.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Take a look at the Nvidia 3070 series. Just got the Asus 3070 dual and it works great for me. Getting around 38 FPS in 4k mode with high settings not ultra.

AMD 3900XT
32 GIg of Ram
2 Terryabyte SDD Card
Aorus MB

Your mileage may vary but this is a very nice card. Priced around 525 here in the USA if you can find one not from a scalper.

Im running a 1080Ti with 12 gigs of ram, rest of the machine is an i7-7 16 gigs of ram 3 ssd and 1 hdd.
I average about 30-40fps with everything set to ultra (1920x1080 no 4K) without issue. But Ive also seen people running 2080 / 3080 who cant get squat out of their video cards so you guess is as good as mine on that.

Thanks to those who replied so far.

Now I think I understand that fps is a metric I should be concerned with.

As other posts point out it is not the primary metric but something to be considered. The requirement for ECC memory has circumscribed my selection because of CPU/Motherboard availability to handle ECC.

Concerned is a big word. There are people who are so focused on the FPS meter, that they forget to enjoy the sim.

FPS is important up to the point where you get an enjoyable experience. If it looks and feels good to you, it’s fine. Most people find that the sim works great at a steady 30FPS.

Seeing as you’re planning to run at 4K, seriously don’t expect any high FPS numbers. Even a 3080/3090 struggles at that resolution.

The Xeon sadly isn’t a great performer for this sim (while the sim does utilize multiple cores/threads, the main thread performance is still very dependent on single core performance (which the Xeon’s don’t excel at). If you get yourself a shiny new GPU, you might find that your CPU will be your new bottleneck (the CPU needs to be able to feed the frames to the GPU fast enough).
So if you’re planning to stick with the Xeon, I would not get the best/most expensive GPU out there, since then it would be a waste of the GPU.

Disagree! See Mort’s post. People get obsessed with this. I have a 8700k/GTX1080 running at 1440p on Ultra. Runs the sim beautifully. I fly mostly light GA (read:152) and sometimes the TBM. I’ve never checked FPS and I never will. To me it seems people have more problems with the RTX cards than the GTX cards. Not sure why.

Pretty sure people expect their brand new RTX cards to run the sim at 120FPS, and complain when it can’t :stuck_out_tongue:

There is definitely that, but I’ve also seen a lot of threads from people where their 3X cards run it just horribly. I’m quite happy with the 1080.