Vienna mashing not realistic

Hi all,

I’ve just noticed that the Germany, Switzerland and Austria update has introduced some beautiful mashed cities, like Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurig, and like Paris, London, Barcelona, but Vienna looks pretty bad since the buildings are still generated by the AI as it was before. A few famous buildings have been added to the city but all in all the result is ugly…
Does anybody know the reason of this issue?


There is a topic i`ve created about vienna PG

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I’ve just seen the your topic and I’ve posted my question there. I do not have a “poor” quality issue on my XBox. The problem is that the photogrammetry and building mashup is totally missing in Vienna. The city looks like any other “generic” city.

What is building mashup?

Make sure you have the latest world update downloaded and installed in your content manager. Also make sure all other stuff in the content manager is updated.

Paris, london and barcelona where allready in the sim in photogrammetry. Barcelona always have been.

Yes, all the packages have been downloaded. Berlin and Zurig have been updated in the same package.

Also, make sure that you have photogrammetry enabled in the data settings. Might have been turned off for some obscure reason.

First off, it‘s called „mesh“ :wink: Second, Zurich had a photogrammetric mesh since day 1 (so nothing new here). Third, acquiring those meshes is a question of availability, price and popularity.

UPDATE: I just completely misunderstood your question. But the answer has already been given: install the OPTIONAL WU6 scenery data from the marketplace.

Nope! They are NOT part of WU6! They had PG meshes since day 1.


I have already installed it, and updated at least one time, as suggested by the content manager. I’ve seen a few differences in Vienna, comparing it to the previous World Update, but just related to some well known buildings, like St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Hofburg, etc.
S. Peter Church is quite embarrassing… It looks like a very small lake! This has been caused by the church dome, that is pretty much oxidized and it looks like a light aqua green circle, from above.

Then you have another (streaming?) problem. Also, did you try deleting the rolling cache? Remove all (scenery) addons, if any.

I noticed the same. Yesterday I was landing at LOWW ILS 16, which takes you past downtown Vienna, maybe 2 or 3 miles away, and the city looked like ■■■■. I am on Ultra settings. Most of the city was only partially rendered (sharp pyramids instead of proper buildings etc), and really never improved the whole time I was looking. Zurich looks much, much better.

Quick update: yesterday I’ve downloaded a new update (the third one, after the Germany, Switzerland and Austria World Update) and Vienna looks now wonderful… By the way, I have deleted the only cache available on the XBox, in order to force a reload but I don’t know whether it has been significant or not.

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