View drifts downward

I’ve picked up this problem and I can’t seem to figure out what to call what it.
Whenever I load an aircraft, any aircraft, the view starts a slow pan downward until it hits the stops.
I lose my cursor, and even if I’m able to reset the view forward, it starts its slow drift downward.
Anyone have any clue as to where to start looking?
Thanks in advance

John in Indiana

never mind … figured it out.

Was it your deadzone, or lack of ?

I think it was something to do with the mouse profile, because when I reset it to default, the problem stopped.

Well, I spoke too soon… the problem came back. Guess it’s back to the Square 1. Guess I’ll go over to X-Plane and see if it’s problem over there. Then work backward through controllers to USB hub. Maybe something is going on there.

Everything works fine over at XP11. Guess it must be MSFS related. I start by returning all controllers to default and see what happens.

OK, I “think” I solved it … again. It was connected to the Thrustmaster throttle, because when I unplugged it, the problem stopped. I went through every button and deleted the binding, some of which were connected to slewing a view. Once these were all cleared out, things were OK.