Viewing standard liveries in sim - Xbox

Hi All,
After using a few of the standard included liveries on Xbox I notice that I only ever see the A320 with the Neo livery (apart from my own aircraft). As the basic sim comes with a selection for all aircraft I’d assume these would be visible on other users aircraft. Have I just been unlucky or should I see other liveries if other players are selecting them for use?

Most players you’ll see would be using their own liveries. Especially when you see PC players. For that, you also need to install the exact same livery to be able to see their livery on your screen. But since you’re using Xbox, this would be difficult at the moment.

There would be more chances for you to see fellow Xbox players flying another livery that you also have in order to see non-Neo livery. Otherwise, if other players are using livery that you don’t have, you’ll see them in the neo livery instead since that’s the default livery.

Yes, specific to Xbox. As they will all have the selection of default liveries, with the standard install, I’m surprised I have not seen any at airports busy with live players. Possible, with the proportion of PC:XBOX players, that I just haven’t come across other Xbox players but seems unlikely in 4 months of playing.

It depends on which server you’re connected to and which area you fly in.

I’m connected to the SEA server, which on its own already have the least players when compared to EU and US servers.

Then I fly around SEA area or sometimes around Europe too. And I also find it rare to see multiplayer. due to the timing that I play in as well.

Eventually, I just end up disabling name plate, so I don’t have to “think about it too much”. As long as I see traffic lights in the distance, and aircrafts taxiing and departing and chattering up the ATC, I’m happy.

Also check your settings, under general options>traffic>traffic variety near bottom. Low to Ultra, for different generic liveries avail to be seen. Higher settings = more variety.
“Might cause performance hit.”

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