Viewpoint at floor level oculus Rift S

Hi, when starting a flight in VR mode, I get to see the bottom of the cockpit as soon as I put the set on my head. Before that, it shows a normal viewpoint. Any ideas? Using space bar or right mouse did not help. C150 but also cub.

OK, simply hitting up arrow a couple of times does the trick.

It’s part of the setup on your Oculus software. If you re-run the Oculus setup sitting down, it works as intended.

I found I had to recenter the view in the Oculus dashboard and then again in MSFS and then it put me in the cockpit. First impressions of the 172 is that it’s a lot smaller then I expected! :astonished:

Or is my VR figure just bigger then me?

I also reset/recenter my view in the Oculus dashboard
(Clicking on the nav thingy on my watch strap in VR)
I am no longer on the ground, however, I can’t get myself to be inside the cockpit now.
I keep aligning left of the cockpit

Which is very weird, because when I take off the Oculus Rift S and look at the Split-screen on my physical monitor, I am perfectly aligned

If I use the keycombo from within the game to reset my view (Ctrl+R) It just recenters the screen I am looking at in VR, meaning I start to see the edges of the screen and start seeing the void left,right,above and below the camera angle/viewpoint.

Can anyone help me align properly?

I am having the exact same issue. Please help!

Did you guys get the Black picture frame following your viewpoint also?

Yes. I also got the black frame as well. Still cant get it to go away.

Me neither. I like the general experience but there is still a lot of bugs to work out

You mean the stencil? I found the solution elsewhere on this forum. You need to open the oculus debug tool which is usually located in C:/Program Files/Oculus/support/oculus-diagnostics. Open the tool and set “Use FOV Stencil” to “off”. This eliminates the stencil.

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That worked! Thanks my friend!!

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if you keep aligned on left at each VR starts,
try to modify “horizontal position” setting in “Camera option” in “General options”.

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