Virtual Airlines

Probably a bit early yet, but any starting up? Particularly any Asian based airlines?

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Rise up pilots, join MHC airlines.
We are looking for new pilots and instructors to join us, this airline is a realistic and professional airline so please do not join if you are not serious about this.


  • We fly together a few days a week - Bush flights and exploring (these flights are not a must)

  • The airline is open 24/7 so you can earn rewards and money (Economy system) for it (Ay ay chill! Not real money, don’t get greedy now, but you will be able to transfer v-Money into real money, but that feature is being worked on right now).

  • You have to fly at least two flight plans a week that will be given to you out of many flight plans.

  • Looking for players from the EU
    (US/Asia/Africa/Australia is possible but be active!)

  • The minimum age to join is 16.

  • We would prefer if you have some past experience with the
    following planes:

  • A320 neo

  • B747

  • B787 Dreamliner

  • Any Cesena plane

  • TBM

We are also looking for: Instructors and event managers
For more info, you may message us.

Erm all current major airlines will more or less support any flight simulator lol

Official VATSIM airline. Low rules.