Virtual Desktop *dramatically* smoother than Link cable (Quest 2). Why?

For MSFS, the answer is no. For certain other VR apps, you don’t need steamVR. It’s an app-specific thing where some do work with VD using the native oculus runtime, whereas others must run through the steamVR layer. MSFS is in the latter category.

You don’t need the Steam version of FS2020, but you do need SteamVR.

So I have the GamePass version of the game, downloaded from the Xbox store. But when I start VR, it still opens SteamVR. So yes, install Steam and Steam VR, then you should be good to go…regardless of the game version.

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Hello all.
I’m still wondering whether MSFS VR is better with Link or with VD on a medium System like mine (i7 10700, 32Gb RAM, RTX 3080, Quest 2, Original link cable, pretty good wifi connection).
It is natural that flying at low altitude in complex scenarios can generate smoothness problems but even in equal conditions I experiment different behaviour in terms of stutters and FPS loss both with LinK and with VD and never in the same way (no to speak about third parties scenery, when it is almost impossible to get a minimum vital fps rate).
I’m asking to myself if I should focus my experience on Link cable (via Oculus XR ?, I have Steam in my registry) or via VD (also with Steam VR, if I understand well the directions of the discussions above) and most of all what should be the best starting sequence (for both ways), as when I sit in front of my pc, the time between the power up of the system and the moment I can fly can vary from 10 minutes to half an hour to no way at all and me watching TV…
Apart from that, I also have a further question: did any of you ever experience the permanent modification of the monitor screen resolution after a VR session? In my case, when I exit MSFS and I return to desktop, the resolution is 1920x1080 instead of the usual 4K; nothing happens if I reboot, I have to change it manually.
Greetings to everybody and thank you for posting your experiences.

It seems pretty unanimous across this thread and others that people are getting better results with VD.

That assumes you have an ideal network set up. Ideally, your PC is cabled to your router, which is in the same room. The headset is then connected via the 5GHz band to that nearby router.

For me, this seems to be unique to FS2020, so who knows if an update on either the Oculus or FS2020 end will change this and Link will be better in the future, but for now, I’d focus on VD.

I have the oculus quest 2 with link and virtual desktop. This is what I have learned.
First, most motherboards older than 2 years have USB C V3.1 gen 1 which can transfer data at 5gbps USB 3.1 gen 2 has a speed of 10gbps. For my intel 1151 motherboard this was the case for my USB C port, I added a PCIE expansion card for USB 3.1 gen 2 and the performance has improved, not only that but the Quest 2 battery doesn’t drain as fast since gen2 provides 5,000ma at 10V while USB C 3.1 gen 1 only provides 900ma at 5v.
For virtual desktop I noticed a great increase in performance using WIFI6. The quest 2 has a wifi6 capable network adapter internally, this is capable of 2.5gbps, WIFI5 is capable of 1.7gbps with the best performing routers. So performance is better with wifi6 however it is not as good for me as the link cable over gen 2 bus. One advantage of Virtual desktop is the ability to use my battery pack with the quest 2 which extends the wireless capability to 5 hours, without the battery pack I get maybe 2 hours.

There are other advantages to using virtual desktop instead of the link cable, but for me at least, performance isn’t better either way. It is nice to not have cables and prior to recent oculus updates it was nice to have the higher refresh rates.

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Is VD better than the Link cable? I have been bouncing back and forth with these two options ever since I bought my Ouest 2 two months ago. The answer depends on what update comes out for the two options. I started with Link then VD and SteamVr came out with a big update and they were way better than the Link. Then Oculus puts out update and it is slightly better than VD and steamVR. At the moment I am back to the link cable but next week if an update comest out it can be back to VD.

Same for me. Spending more time with the settings. Link Or VD…
Now I`m on VD and get a more or less smooth expirience. Altough my PC freezes after about 30min…

Didnt read sry! But does anyone switched here from “amazon-cable”! to oculus cable and got some better exp? Mainly question is what does the oculus cable on Gbps testing? More than 2.2?

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