Virtual Desktop "native" OpenXR support is here!

I was wondering guys, is virtual desktop working with a Reverb G2 ? How do you make it work ? Or you reccomend to stick with window virtual portal ?

I just bought a second hand G2, omg day and night compared to Quest 2

Virtual desktop only works with the Quest (Pico and a few others) but not the G2. With the Reverb G2 you must use the provided cable and Windows Mixed Reality portal.

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Alright, thanks :slight_smile:

With Virtual Desktop XR is it necessary to have Open XR Toolkit running?

I ask this because when I open OpenXR Tookit interface in the game my headset will be frozen

No, it’s not necessary to have OXR Toolkit running. It’ a “nice to have”, can improve your performance and VR quality.

I know OpenXR Toolkit and how to improve quality/performance but ad soon as I open it in-game VirtualDesktopXR will be frozen (0 FPS but I can hear audio).

Is there a minimum version of OpenXR Toolkit to install within VirtualDesktopXR?

Using the newest/current version in OXR Toolkit and VD XR. Without restrictions.

I have version 1.3.2 of OpenXR Toolkit, it is the latest.

I’ll try to remove and reinstall, I’ll open an issue on github if the problem persists

Using VD needs to have the VD OpenXR Runtime to be active. Should be set vy the VD Desktop streamer Installer.
if VD is installed in the default location it is in:
ActiveRunTime=C:\Program Files\Virtual Desktop Streamer\OpenXR\virtualdesktop-openxr.json

The default Oculus Runtime String for using Quest Link is (if Oculus is installed in the default location):
C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\oculus_openxr_64.json