Virtual Desktop "native" OpenXR support is here!

Yeah, I connected one of my Google Nest pucks to my pc with ethernet cable for Iracing. It actually looked good on VD and close to link but not close enough. Did almost double my internet speed so I got that going for me. :smiley:

So, VDXR is for me total gamechanger!
My spesc: 32 gb ram, Ryzen 7 and RTX4070

In VD Goldike mode, 120 FPS.
In OpenXR Toolkit 90% CAS, Fovated Quality
In SIM DLSS DLAA/ High Quality mode

And finally thanks to OpenXR Mirror Capture I can record some gameplay


I cant get vdxr to work with my quest 3, toolkit installed and in safe mod, crash as soon when I enter vr

I recommend starting off simple. No toolkits. Just run Virtual Desktop with VDXR option selected as runtime.

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Also make sure you don’t have SteamVR or Oculus running, or if possible uninstalled.

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Is it normal for taxi signs to be blurry from about 25-30m away? 7800x3D, 4090, Quest 3.

Running Virtual desktop as per VR flight sim guys settings, but don’t seem to have that long distance clarity. Have tried using openXR too and fiddling with resolution, but I can’t seem to crack it.

I am using a 3090 / Vd-godlike, at about 20 meters things start to blur slightly . openXrt set to around 3500 x … helps a little, but I’ve never quite got the scenery completely crisp. I think without a headset such as the crystal with higher PPD, it’s what should be expected on the quest 3 , unless somebody has found the magic solution .

There is an addon, Realistic Taxi Signs Texture Pack, available on which I’ve found hugely improves taxi sign readability.

Have you ever played red matter 2? The Quest 3 can be absolutely sharp and crisp. But in MSFS I didn’t get this sharpness either.