Virtual Desktop, Steam VR and FOV

I’ve been trying the wireless setup for Virtual Desktop and the Oculus Quest 2 using Steam VR. While the experience is very good, in some circumstances, you cannot constrain the field of view (a common tactic to get better performance) because instead of black edges, Virtual Desktop has colour distortion that is super distracting and unusable. Using Steam VR via the cable FOC constraints work as expected but the performance is terrible. If there is a setting to constrain FOV in Virtual Desktop then I cannot find it, has anybody encountered this issue and managed to solve it?

AFAIK that’s not possible with VD. It uses its own renderer, so completely circumvents all Oculus settings. That’s the dilemma for me as well, Oculus (Air)Link now has extra sharpening and the FOV settings, but still with micro-stutters, while VD runs smoothly and offers gamma settings. I’m running VD because smoothness and more realistic colours/lighting is more important to me. It’s a pity that I can’t reduce the FOV as I’m able to go to 0.8/0.8.

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