Virtual Fly Compass - Work with FS 2020

I have the VF Yoko+, Ruddo+ and V3RNIO+ loaded and working perfectly with FS 2020.

My question are the plans in near future for the VF compass. This is a nice piece of equipment and feel a great add on for FS 2020 if bugs can be worked out.

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I’m in the same boat with the COMPOSS.

This is what Virtual Fly’s official word is on the subject:
Is the COMPOSS compatible with MSFS2020?
We have been working on our Control Panel to bring COMPOSS to MSFS2020. It will be available to download from our website.


I emailed them a few weeks ago and they said they were working on it but couldn’t give me a date. If you want to email them, I’d love to hear what they say now. I’ve been such a pain to them recently that I don’t want to keep bothering them.

Don’t know if you saw, but the software is now in beta (see the link in my last post – the download option is in the FAQ). I haven’t tried it yet but I wanted to let you know.

Hi there,
I bought it last month - after Christmas, and it is not working with MSFS , it works fine with X-plane. The situation is now being analysed by the developers team since after my report and pics the technical team could not help. So don’t know if anyone here has it working if so please tell me😊