Virtual Fly products 15% off until the end of August

For anyone interested, Virtual Fly is having a 15% off sale on a bunch of hardware, including the:

  • YOKO/YOKO+ yoke
  • RUDDO rudder pedals
  • TQ3+ TPM
  • TQ6+ TPM
  • G1000
  • COMPOSS compass

(I think that’s everything on sale, but feel free to go to their website and see for yourself.)

The sale ends 31 August. Their stuff is very expensive, but if they have something you’ve been thinking about buying, now might be the time to do it!

How much is duty and import tax from spain to USA?

To be honest, I have no idea. I looked through my receipts and have no record of how much I paid for them. Did you get your RUDDO rudder pedals from another source like Jetline Systems or Xforce PC?

I got RUDDO from Xforce PC. I am looking to buy the TQ6 and the heavy clamp for YOKO

Just wanted to remind everyone of Virtual Fly’s sale that ends in eight days. (No, I don’t have any stock or other financial stake in them. I just want people who have been thinking about buying them to know that this might be the time to do it.)

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