Virtual Fly RUDDO pedals not working properly anymore since SU5

I use the following peripherals from Virtual Fly: Yoko (yoke), TQ6 (throttle levers) and RUDDO (rudder controls).

The issue:

After the SU5, the RUDDO (rudder controls) started to intermittently stop working for pretty long periods of time. It would start to work again suddenly in a completely random fashion and then stop again after a little while, and go through this on/off cycle for as long as I would play. It does it every single time I start a new MSFS2020 session.

The Yoke and the throttle still work perfectly.

PC: 11900k, RTX3090, 32Gb RAM
Nvidia drivers and Windows 10 up to date
Tested with empty Community folder
Issue started since SU5
Not using developer mode
Steam Version
No Zendesk ticket submitted

Sorry, I was to quick to blame the SU5, I actually am pretty sure my RUDDO+ are breaking down, they loose their USB connection for no reason at all even in a simple window session.
MSFS2020 is NOT to blame here.

I am having an issue with RUDDO+ pedals. The toe brakes do not work in the sim. If the L/R brake axes are set to reversed, the brake axis shows movement in the control settings but not the cockpit. If the axis is not reversed, the brakes move in the cockpit but then obviously the input is backwards since the axis needs to be reversed.