Virtual tablet in A320neo cockpit

In some of the MSFS2020 videos of the A320Neo cockpit, I have seen a sort of a virtual tablet on the left side, on a stand. In my cockpit there is already a stand, but how do I populate it with a tablet showing a flightplan f.ex. ?

you move to the experimental version or possibly the development version of the FBW A32NX mod

Ah, OK. So its a mod :slight_smile: Thanks for the quick reply - still rather new to MSFS2020, but learning

Yes and i think you’ll find that it is the only way to fly an A320 in MSFS. :slight_smile:

Look for a link to the FBW installer and that’ll let you choose which version you want to try out first.

Release Release v1.1.3 · flybywiresim/installer · GitHub is probably the latest version, but if not, it will update itself.

Thank you - Ill have a look at that mod. Not critical for my learning, but still pretty neat :slight_smile:

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The A32nx mod is a must have, hope you enjoy the mod!

It’s critical if you want the a320 to be remotely accurately simulated…might as well learn it the right way first

The Fly by Wire Development Version 2e1ae93 has this awesome FlightPad (or FlyPad) in the cockpit. Absolutely love it because it adds so much depth to the airplane, it can be refueled and the doors can be opened with it.
The development version has inferior cockpit textures, some are even ugly compared to the Stable 0.5.4 version which uses a flawless high quality set of cockpit textures but I like the FlyPad and the extra cockpit and EICAS functions of the Development Version too much :wink:
(Don`t know what this screen is called in Airbusses in Boeings it is called EICAS).

Is this mod the only way to get this FlyPad?

Yes, you must have the A32nx mod installed.

Thanks - just wanted to make sure

It wont be long before Charts are integrated…saw a youtube vid

That would be so cool! Anything that breaks immersion should be integrated :smiley:

Breaks immersion?

I didnt get it either :man_shrugging:

:slight_smile: Every time I have to tap out of the game, I consider it breaking the immersion of being in the plane.
So if the charts are integrated into the game, I dont have to tap out of the game to look at them :slight_smile:

Oh ok Understand :+1:

So you don’t want stuff that breaks immersion integrated into the game. You want to eliminate immersion breaking stuff from the game.

Yes sir :slight_smile: