VirtualCol EMB 170 FMS bug selecting approachs - unable to insert into Flight plan in flight

I just purchased the Virtualcol Embraer ERJ 170/175 from the Marketplace. I’m running the Steam version on PC. When I set up a flight and get assigned an approach by ATC I am able to navigate to the Approach list in the FMS but when I try and select the assigned approach nothing happens.

Reproduction steps:

  • on the FMS click the Flight Plan button
  • select Arrival
  • Click Approach
  • Use the arrows to find the desired approach
  • Attempt to click the nav button on the left side of the FMS that corresponds to the desired approach
  • Note that nothing happens and it will not allow you to insert the approach into the flight plan

UPDATE: It appears none of the buttons on the FMS except for the Top and Bottom ones on the left side work. I had same problem trying to program the FMS departure runway by clicking the “FROM” button, Departure button, then attempted to select my runway from Clearance Dev and again it doesn’t do anything

Intel Core I7
32 Gb Ram (2x DDR4-3000L GSkill Ripjaw)
GeForce RTX 2070

Hoping since this is a relatively new release (June 23) this is a known issue and will be resolved but any guidance out there would be great if there is a workaround

Hi @skyhawk710 ,

The purpose of the #bugs-and-issues categories is to discuss issues that affect the base simulator. Please do not discuss issues with third-party addons or modifications in this category. These should be filed via the developer’s preferred support method.

The topic was moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft .