VirtualFlight.Online - Let’s play golf - 18 "holes" in Columbia

2021-10-24 1630Z Let’s play golf - 18 holes in Columbia

On Sunday October 24, we will host a general aviation VFR in Columbia, visiting 18 airfields along the way.
You must touch-and-go once on all the runways, in any direction you like, respecting the order of the flight plan (PLN file).
We’ll have a break at the 9th and 18th airfield to enable reforming the group.
We are taking off sharp at 1630Z - Please load your aircraft 5 minutes prior to take off and taxi over to the runway.

Flight Plan

The 62NM “18-hole golf course” is as follows:

SKGI Santiago Vila

  1. SKEZ Agua Blanca Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  2. SKFK Chicoral - Estra Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  3. SKXZ Los Feria Girón Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  4. SKXU El Aceituno Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  5. SKFQ El Paraíso Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  6. SKIA El Escobal Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  7. SKYG Potrerito Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  8. SKIE Guadalaja Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  9. SKIB Perales (Full-Stop) - End of hole 9 / mid-course - Parking available at the end of runway 32 / beginning of runway 14 - Wait for the pack
  10. SKIC Hato De Opia Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  11. SKGS Santa Ana Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  12. SKGV Teucali Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  13. SKGX Waterloo Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  14. SKFZ Leticia Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  15. SKFI Calicanto Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  16. SKGW Ventaquemada Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  17. SKEX Agua Blanca Airport (Touch-and-Go)
  18. SKFY La Opia Airport (Full-Stop) - End of hole 18 / full-course - Wait for the pack
    Return to SKGI Santiago Vila (Full-Stop) - This extends the flight to a total of 76NM

Flight plan PLN file available on the VirtualFlight.Online Discord Server in the Flight\events section


Any GA, slow or fast

Time & Weather

We’ll try first to use Live Time & Live Weather and see how it looks like

Voice Communications

Voice communication will be provided via the VirtualFlight.Online Discord Server in the Voice Channels\Chat


Connect to the WEST USA server in MSFS - click your Microsoft avatar within the configuration screens to see the server choice.
If you would like to see other aircraft in LittleNavMap, check out the Transmitter application VirtualFlight.Online Transmitter for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

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