VirtualFlight.Online Nakhon Sawan Thailand to U-Taphao Thailand

VFR Flight Nakhon Sawan Thailand to U-Taphao Thailand

On Sunday 16th of January at 8pm 2000Z VirtualFlight.Online will host a VFR flight from Nakhon Sawan VPTN Thailand to U-Taphao VTBU Thailand. We will visit several airports enroute (Touch and Go).

Flight Plan

VTPN Nakhon Sawan
VTPI Takhli
VTBL Khok Kathiam
VTBD Bangkok Intl
VTBT Bang Pra
U-Taphao Intl

Distance 194 miles - 312 km

A flight plan is available on the VirtualFlight.Online Discord Server

Suggested Aircraft

Any aircraft of your choice but would suggest a twin engine GA.

Voice Communications

Voice communication will be provided via the VirtualFlight.Online Discord Server:


Connect to the “SOUTH EAST ASIA” server in MSFS (click your Microsoft avatar within the configuration screens to see the server choice). If you would like to see other aircraft within mapping software such as LittleNavMap while en-route, check out the Transmitter application.

can’t find the flight plan for thailand. Only one for Tajikastan.