VirtualFlight.Online Paro to Gongar in the Himalayas close to Mt Everest

IFR Paro to Gongar close to Mt Everest

On Wednesday 1st December 2021, at 8pm GMT (2000Z) we will host an IFR flight from Paro to Gongar. Both high up in the Himalayas in Bhutan not far from Mt Everest.

Flight Plan

** Departure**

VQPR Paro Airport
Runway : 15
SID : No SID available. Use VOR PRO freqency 108.40 as first waypoint


ZULS Gongar Airport
Runway : 27
Approach : VOR LHASA frequency 113.10
ILS Frquency for runway 27 is 110.30 runway ident ISS, Course 269 deg
A flight plan is available on VirtualFlight.Online server on Discord.

Suggested Aircraft

Any of the commercial aircraft. It is quite a short flight at 202 miles - 325 km

Voice Communications

Voice communication will be provided via the VirtualFlight.Online Discord Server:


Connect to the “SOUTH EAST ASIA” server in MSFS (click your Microsoft avatar within the configuration screens to see the server choice). If you would like to see other aircraft within mapping software such as LittleNavMap while en-route, check out the Transmitter application.