VirtualFlight.Online Tacoma to Pitt Meadows via Friday Harbour

On Sunday 8th January 2023 at 8pm GMT 2000 UTC, we will host a group flight starting at Tacoma Narrows KTIW finishing at Pitt Meadows CYPK. We will stop for a short coffee break at the famous Friday Harbour.

Flight Plan

There is no flight plan just use the notes below. Or just follow the pack!

  • KTIW Tacoma Narrows - Departure

  • KTCM McCord Field Tacoma - Touch and Go

  • KSEA Tacoma Int - Touch and Go

  • KPAE Snohomish County - Touch and Go

  • KNUW Whidbey Island - Touch and Go

  • KFHR Friday Harbour - Full stop coffee break.

  • CYCD Nanaimo - Touch and Go

  • CYVR Vancouver Int - Touch and Go

  • CYPK Pitt Meadows - Destination

Approx. 196nm / 315km

Suggested Aircraft

Any aircraft capable of 120 knots or more in cruise to complete the flight in a timely manner (we try to keep flights under 2 hours).

Voice Communications

To talk to fellow pilots during the flight, visit the VirtualFlight.Online discord server:

If you’ve never used Discord before, find out more here:

Multiplayer Network

If you want to see other aircraft within Microsoft Flight Simulator, make sure the following are configured:

  1. You must have Multiplayer data switched on

  2. You must select “All Players” in flight conditions

  3. Choose the “SOUTH EAST ASIA” mutiplayer server

If you would like to see other aircraft within LittleNavMap while en-route, check out the Transmitter app - available for free from:

Rules / Guidelines

All pilots must be at least 16 years old

  • If joining the Discord server for voice communications during the flight, conversation must remain family friendly, respectful, and not stray into any subjects that might offend such as adult jokes, politics, religion, racism, or hate-speech.

  • Try to stay with the group! If the group is becoming stretched, loop back and join the rear of the group.

  • Try to stay online until everybody has landed at the final airfield.

Hi - Clicking the Discord link gives quite a blank screen with the message “No text channels - You find yourself in a strange place. You don’t have access to text channels, or there are none in this server”. I’m using the browser and not the Discord application.

I would like to join this flight event.

Just took a quick look: conditions are pretty awful at Tacoma Narrows with real weather right now: conditions are QBI and tower would not give me VFR taxi. Anybody else joining this?

And BTW I have never done multiplayer before: I do not see this flight in the planned events on Discord server?