VirtualFlight.Online VF031 EDUE Unterwossen to EDNY Friedrichshafen, Germany

On Sunday 1st August 2021, at 9pm BST (2000Z), we will host a Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) general aviation VFR flight from EDUE Unterwossen to EDNY Friedrichshafen in Germany, visiting a number of airfields along the way.

The route is as follows:

  • EDUE Unterwossen
  • EDNV Vogtareuth
  • EDWW Warngau
  • EDKG Konigsdorf
  • EDPL Ohlstadt
  • EDDO Agathazell
  • EDNL Unterzeil
  • EDNY Friedrichshafen

You can download flight plans from Google Drive:

or here!
VF031 EDUE Unterwossen to EDNY Friedrichshafen MSFS.pln (3.2 KB)

Voice communication will be provided via the Virtual Flight Online Discord Server:

Connect to the “WEST EUROPE” server in MSFS (click your Microsoft avatar within the configuration screens to see the server choice).

If you are a member of Facebook, you might like to join the Virtual Flight Online Facebook Group too - we post all flights as events there too.

Thank you for the flight, I had a lot of fun with it. I found the event because the take-off airfield was Unterwössen. Have already spent a few vacations nearby. What is interesting about the airfield is that one of the largest alpine flight schools for sailplanes is stationed there:
Many greetings, Diogenes.

Great to know that you found us through the flight plan! Hopefully the detour through the mountains didnt put you off :slight_smile: We run regular flights on Sunday nights, and do IFR flights in the week too at the moment.

I will keep an eye on you :smiley: