VirtualFlight.Online VF051 IFR Durban to Johannesburg, South Africa

IFR Durban to Johannesburg, South Africa

On Wednesday 22nd September 2021, at 9pm BST (2000Z) we will host an IFR flight from King Shaka International in Durban to Johannesburg International, South Africa.

Flight Plan

VF051-IFR-FALE-King-Shaka-Intl-to-FAOR-Johannesburg-Intl-MSFS.pln (6.8 KB)


Airport : FALE King Shaka International, Durban
Runway : 06

En-Route Waypoints

WDV (if you don’t have WDV, use WRV)


Airport : FAOR Johannesburg International
Runway : 03R
Approach : ILS FI03R-Z

Suggested Aircraft

Any of the commercial aircraft. The flight is estimated to take 1 hour in the A320, landing at 10pm BST (2100Z) – so be prepared to take off early if flying anything slower that may impact the arrival time significantly.

Voice Communications

Voice communication will be provided via the VirtualFlight.Online Discord Server:


Connect to the “SOUTH EAST ASIA” server in MSFS (click your Microsoft avatar within the configuration screens to see the server choice). If you would like to see other aircraft within mapping software such as LittleNavMap while en-route, check out the Transmitter application.