VirtualFlight.Online VF094 IFR South Sumatra to East Java

On Wednesday 8th June at 1900 UTC (8pm BST) we will host a group IFR flight from South Sumatra to East Java

Rules / Guidelines

  • If joining the Discord server for voice communications during the flight, conversation must remain family friendly, respectful, and not stray into any subjects that might offend such as adult jokes, sexuality, politics, religion, racism, or hate-speech.
  • Try to stay online until everybody has landed at the final airfield.


There is no flight plan! Feel free to create your own flight plan using either the facilities available within the simulator, or any other tools available to you - such as LittleNavMap, Simbrief, or Navigraph.

A note for newcomers - this IFR flight has no ATC communication. Voice chat is recommended - to make friends, ask questions, and share knowledge about the aircraft and the simulator. We may do some flights at some stage with ATC if there is enough interest - and if we do, they will be clearly noted as such.

Departure Airport

WIPP Sultan M Badaruddin li

En-Route WayPoints

BND Bandung VOR (if you include this waypoint, your flight over Java will give you nice views en-route)

Destination Airport

WARA Abdulrachman Saleh Aero

Departure Date/Time

2022-06-08 1900UTC (8pm BST)

Suggested Aircraft

Airbus A320, Boeing 747, Boeing 737, Cessna Citation, CRJ, BAe 146, MD-82, etc.

Voice Communications

We will use the VirtualFlight.Online Discord server for voice communication during the flight:


Connect to the SOUTH EAST ASIA server in Microsoft Flight Simulator


If you would like to see others taking part in the group flight in LittleNavMap, we are the home of the Transmitter application - you can download it from the following page: