Visibly thick lines where rivers join Chesapeake Bay

When flying along the Chesapeake Bay I noticed on almost every river/tributary joining the main bay body there is a thick line going from land point to land point. It almost looks as if I am flying over a huge puzzle where the lines are where the puzzle pieces meet. This is very unrealistic and detracts greatly from immersion. I am sure I am not the first to notice this, but I can’t seem to find a topic on the subject. If someone knows of one, please point me to it. If not can someone verify I am not the only one seeing this. I noticed this back in September and have been checking periodically to see if fixed.

Here are some better close ups of the issue. Looks like some sort of color blending issue where the border is actually kind of a greenish color different from both the bay color and the river color.

This is a problem where I fly in Australia too and can be seen where ever rivers meet ocean.

Yes I have this same problem and its been there from the beginning. Very unrealistic. Is there a fix for this?