VISIONJET spawning too High


I did an airport departure a month ago with the Visionjet and climbed to a cruise of 31000 ft then abandoned the flight and closed the sim .Since then every time I spawn anywhere it defaults to 31000 ft each time instead of the usual 2-5000 ft the other aircraft spawn at .I did the spawn + arrival airport trick and changed the alt to 4000 ft but it still always starts at 31000 ft.I deleted the Visionjet and reinstalled it ,but it still defaults to 31000ft ,any ideas ?

EDIT: The Visionjet developer told me that this specific aircraft does this .If you set a Custom Departure ( spawn airborne) then the Visionjet will always start at 31000 ft and can’t be changed in nav log etc etc .The way around it is to set a Custom Arrival ,not a departure ,and at any airport in the vicinity of where you want to Spawn and it then puts the aircraft at 3200 ft.

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