Visual C++ Error Message Assertion Error

Flight Sim suddenly crashes while loading a flight. This is the case in either free flights or landing challenges. I’m getting this “geospatialtiles.dll”, Line 131, error always. Any button crashes me back to desktop.

I did no tweaks or installations on my computer, it suddenly happened during a windows session in which i was flying already.

Restart didnt help, Windows is updated, geforce experience is updated, i even reinstalled visual studio 2015, 2017 and 2019…

Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance, Paul

There are several threads on this and what works for some hasn’t worked for others. Here’s a search link for the word “assertion”

One of the “fixes” is deleting files. When you do this make sure you only delete files related to MSFS.

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deleting the files worked, thanks!

Could you report that to ZenDesk under “Crash to Desktop & Technical Issues”? I think most aren’t reporting it and the more that report these issues with an explanation of how it’s fixed, they can look into why those files have to be deleted in order to continue. If you are able to upload that image of the error, do that too.

i reported it there :slight_smile:

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Microsoft still refuses to fix it in 1.11.7


I was kicked out when I was loading a new flight. However, I do not have this folder in my disk.

Some more details. I have installed the latest graph driver (NVIDIA ver. 456.38), and this issue happen after this new driver. I am trying to uninstall it and try the old version.

Ok, it doesn’t work. I am waiting for next patch.

Problem down. I have reinstalled the whole OS.

You didn’t have to reinstall. The fix is already on this forum for that “assertion” failure error.

Search for: “assertion” or “assertion error”

I used to play the MSFS fine without problem, but today it suddenly has error and cannot let me start the game. I get this error as shown in the screenshot: assertion failed
I have completely reinstall the game but it doesn’t help

Smells like a memory issue with stack allocation. Not that it helps the end user if that’s indeed the case.

You’ve restarted your machine, don’t have anything else running, not out of disk space for a page file, anything like that?

I have restarted many times and not memory nor disk space issue, it just giving me error since this morning but was fine last night, I didn’t installed any software so it is weird

Looks like we go to problems like XP11 had :slight_smile: very joy to future of this product…

Please file a bug report on Zendesk, using the “Submit a Request” option on the top menu bar. Include a detailed description of your issue, as well as steps taken to try and mitigate this issue.

Please check your Event Viewer and attach relevant events to your bug report.

Same problem, just figure out solution:
C:\Users%your username%\AppData\Local\FlightSimulator
C:\Users%your username%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps

Be careful about deleting everything in the above folder. See this post:

This solution doesn’t work. The assertion appears anyway after deleting these folders.

Hi @Asian311Gringo,
Make sure you file a zendesk on this and give them a screen capture of the error.
Submit a Request (

If you have any development software on your PC, turning off the debugging will rid of this. Asobo does have a problem in their code which is why the debugger is being triggered. However, this error is being trapped in MSFS and will continue - that is if you don’t have any software on your PC hooking into it.