Visual effects for smoke, contrails etc

The sim is surely astonishing but it still lacks basic visual effects like tire smoke or contrails. Please give us an update on the progress on this.

Old topic and easy to find through the search.
Not implemented yet regrettably. It is supposed to come with the DX12 update in summer

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Okay how do you know that? I never heard them mention that. They said in one of their first Q&As that it would come in one of the first updates and haven’t heard about it since.


I too remember them saying in one of the Q&As that it will come with DX12. :slight_smile:

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There are so many threads about that.

“particle system”
“particle effects”
etc. etc.

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Okay I see. I stand corrected then. I can’t believe it’s going to take that long. This is bad news.

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This is the same as the other question, perhaps just merge it and the votes to avoid duplicates (which is why I thought these questions were moderated for approval in the first place?)

Same question as advised is here:-

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But isn’t that part of the sdk and not of the actual game?

I still think this is worth getting more information about. What kind of effects will be coming with DirectX 12 etc.


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I think that once it is in the SDK all vanilla aircraft will receive the particle effects treatment? :slight_smile:

In the last development update:

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Martial. Sim Update 3. We are also expecting some visual effects improvement with the contrails and landing effects. Later, we’ll bring some new effects depending on the surface you land.