Visual Model Not Loading

Hi everyone, first post here. I’ve been having an issue recently where the visual models for aircraft I’m working on just do not show up. The aircraft can still fly, but they’re just not visible and I don’t know why.
I’ve been following NewkTV’s great series on making aircraft for MSFS, and things seemed to be running smoothly for the most part. I can get the model used in his tutorials to load, but my models no longer show up.

These are models I’ve built from scratch in Blender, and I suspect the issue might be related to materials and a lack of textures. The issue started seemingly at random back in May, before that the models did show up in the game. Any ideas how I can get my aircraft to show up again? Current project is a PBM-5A Mariner.

The PBM-5A can be found here if anyone wants to help: PBM-5a Project.rar - Google Drive
Performance is a mess and it’s missing a lot of animations currently, but it does load (just the visual model doesn’t) and has accurate weight and balance information.

Thanks in advance, I’m open to any advice.

I had similar issues when porting an aircraft from FSW to MSFS. It seemed to be recognized by the game, I was able to load the flight, but the aircraft was invisible

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This issue seems to have solved itself without my intervention. I did nothing but since the latest update the planes are visible again.