Visual reporting point for VFR flights

I wish to be able to plan in FS2020 a VFR flight with the real VRP (Visual Reporting Points).
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agree but I didn’t find them yet, if I say about Slovakia. With first Beta Navigraph data update I saw them in Slovakia but this is 3-rd party payware product, also is now again on Beta for correct data import to MSFS.

If anyone can say, where we can add custom Reporting Points? So where the files are stored and in which format? Then it is possible to create easy a file e.g. for the german VRP.


some similar xml files I had prepared some long time ago for LKAA and LZBB from AIPs, manually of course. they need to be preciselly imported from papers and then exported to BGL files as scenery. Worked perfectly but work with that… On other side that points are generally defined as some visually atractive points and with use of standard VFR map can be seen on scenery without problems :slight_smile:

Could you kindly elaborate on what you are looking for with this request?

They’re talking about these…

Hi there,
Don’t worry, I know what a visual reporting point is. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m wondering if the problem they are speaking of is if there is not a reporting point in an area where they fly or if they are asking about navigation. I am trying to determine if this topic needs to be merged somewhere else in Wishlist.

Thought so with such a username, my apologies!

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Hahaha! No worries! :laughing:

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you can add these in the sim, or use them in LittleNavMap Entdecke Microsoft Flight Simulator Add-Ons » and here CSV Files with VFR Reporting points. - Open Forum - VATSIM Scandinavia

For clarification, there are two kinds of visual reporting points (US), local and GPS. Local reporting points are used by local pilots familiar with local landmarks. An example from the San Diego chart in the post above is “Crystal Pier”. These local reporting points are not in navaid/waypoint databases. To provide reporting points for non-local pilots, five character waypoints beginning with “V” have been created. In the above example, “VPSCP” is the equivalent to “Crystal Pier” and can be entered into a FMS. Outside the US, visual reporting points are managed by the country’s government aviation branch.