Visual separation of countries

I’m new to MFS, plus I’m not very good with geography. But thanks to your game, it became interesting for me to look at other countries, and the beauty of our planet. I would like to suggest a visual separation of countries, continents, etc. To make it easier to navigate the globe. You can also add a short description of this place.

I assume you want this in the world map for planning your flight right?

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Yes, it would be very convenient

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LOL< for a second I thought you meant you wanted to see big dotted lines out the window…


Just rune Google Earth and alt tab to it from the game. If you find somewhere nice, copy the latitude and longitude and then paste that into the flight sim and it will take you there.

I agree that in general the world map could be more detailed, and allow for better flight planning and reference to the globe.Mods, This should be moved to the wishlist to allow for voting.

I have learned more about world geography in the past three months than I learned in the previous 50 years!

There are a number of apps that will link a map to MSFS. Some are free, some are not (like ForeFlight, which I use).

Everyone has external tools they like, but they should be optional. The flight-planning screen would be a lot more practical if it showed country borders. cities (and towns as you zoomed closer). I think a basic politica/road type map style would work better than what we currently have.

Basically - this type (standard Bing map), but with the airports marked appropriately to zoom level for selection to the flight plan.