Visuals great, rest of the game needs completed

So, they put a TON of time into the scenery, and it shows. The world is very detailed and very accurate. However, it appears that they spent a couple of hours on the actual game. The game is entirely incomplete. The aircraft panels are not fully, or even partially functioning, autopilot does not work, autothrottle is a joke. The simrate is mapped, but does not work. There are a ton of things that they did not complete. Also rather than keeping the keyboard mapping from previous flight sim games, they remapped everything! Totally confusing to us veterans. Overall, five stars for the scenery, zero stars for the simulator and models. Obviously, they will update the game over time, but when you pay $120 for a game, you expect it to be completed and playable. Their vision was a HUGE undertaking, and it is obvious that they built the game around the scenery. However, they should have built this game around the simulator, and made the scenery a bonus and perfected it over time. Time will show if this turns out to be an excellent game, or another Microsoft gimmick.


Welcome to the forum veteran. It’s true, there is a slight learning curve for those coming from other sims. I’m one of them. But once you get used to the new system and discover all the new possibilities I think you will change your mind.

Regarding the simulation, a side from systems on the tube liners, I think GA aircraft are spot on and need only minor tweaks, if anything. Control sensitivity adjustments can make a huge difference here, but I’m sure, as a veteran, you already have all of that sorted out already.


Well said. You are correct. For a product this long in the making and testing, there should be a few expected bugs, but not nearly this many. Especially a product with Microsoft as it’s parent company and title.

As for “a side from systems on the tube liners”… an accurate, complete Flight Sim with ATC and IFR functions has to include working big boys, not just the small private aircraft. In addition, the “slight learning curve” is not slight, and I don’t understand why things like key binding defaults and decades-old norms could not have been maintained in order to make the learning curve indeed “slight”, not major.

The game is great for VFR…

Not so much for IFR - it, sort of works, but sort of doesn’t…
You can plan an IFR flight, you can execute it… ATC is helpful, even if a bit late with clearances…
AP is jerky and overshoots a lot… G1000 implementation is… well… “lacking”…

The biggest problem for me though are performance issues with almost all planes.
You instantly go into red with RPMs or ITT, or both, and leaning the mixture is not very helpful when the peak is between 96% and 35% of mixture…

Just my two cents :slight_smile:
I still love the visuals, but the rest needs some more work.

Yep, agree with all the issues you pointed out and look forward to an update that fixes them. However I’m still enjoying the sim despite them. IFR is just a little bit more challenging right now… but good training for the day a real AP starts acting up.

In order for it to be good training you first need a valid baseline in order to work to. In this case we do not have this.
I think they will fix this in time…along with the variable aircraft and INOPs but will they have time. It would have been better to have spent another 6 months at least before release. Ratings in the store are terrible, this will led to a loss of potential new pilots.
While I have all the other sims I would have liked to have been able to make more use of this one.

You’re right, it is an issue for those who don’t know how things are supposed to work.

I don’t think INOPs are going to get fixed. These are default aircraft, not study level.

You can always shelve the sim until you think it’s ready. No need to deprive everyone else who are already enjoying it.

Yes, people are using the ratings to express their frustrations with installation issues. Not exactly what ratings are for, but that’s how it is.

With all said - I wouldn’t want to wait another 6 months.
I have never, ever enjoyed VFR so much as in this sim.
I will gladly wait for IFR to catch up and for some “study level” aircrafts to be released
while doing my World Tour in a bush plane :slight_smile:

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Some here are missing the point of the original post. I’m glad some users are enjoying the VFR possibilities (though that too has some issues). If it was called Flight Simulator VFR then those waiting for it, and then buying it, would get what they expected. But it is reasonable to expect the planes and systems included (Autopilot, ATC, etc) would be tested and would work when it is released. Sure there are bugs in any new software (or sim) but after so many months of testing are you saying we should be OK with a flight sim, not to mention a successor to the long line of MS Flight Sims, being released without you being able to pull of a successful airline IFR flight . We should be OK with a MSFS that doesn’t show VOR or ILS frequencies on the flight planning page or map, which was a great feature in the past MSFS versions? I love the scenery too but I wasn’t waiting for a travelogue with the bonus of being able to fly a plane. I was waiting for a new, advanced Flight Simulator with the bonus of great scenery.