Vive Cosmos head now about 8 foot above pilot and menus after sim update 11

For more than the last year I have had no issues with VR and the Cosmos. I do not use the steam version. Sense the 40th anniversary update my head is now 8 foot ish above where it should be. If I hit space to recenter it sets it 8 foot up. I have tried to reconfigure my room to no avail. Anyone else had this issue and if so how have you managed to fix it. edit Also I am about 8 feet above the menus in the game.


Did you try
Arrow down/up to move down/up
Arrow left/right to move left/right
Alt + Arrow down/up to move forward backward

I have the same issue with the Sky Simulations – MD11.
I’m always 30ft ahead of the cockpit on startup.
No problem with the menus btw.
(Quest 2)

While not a permanent fix it did sort of work. At least I can fly again in VR. Thanks. I do hope they find an issue that can be a permanent fix.

I have the same issue with my vive cosmos. Have been trying to troubleshoot, but cant find a solution. Sent a mail to htc, since have experienced it since their last update. I think i had it just before SU11. I have also just before SU 11 installed Tobii eyetracking, so therefore i thought that could interfere somhow, but have not been able to find the solution. Sometimes my view is 8 feet above(as you describe), and sometimes its on an angel too. Moving around with arrow directions does not get me where I should be in the cockpit, since the sim “thinks” im at the right spot.

Just found this… VIVE Software - - Beta - BUSINESS
Now trying to install the new beta for vive console.

It works. :ok_hand::man_dancing:

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Just tested. The beta fixed it.

Thank you so much.

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