VL3 - Rotax 915 mod

Later I will try a few configs. My comments were mostly on the clean stall, which IRL it would stall. With the mod it does not. Not complaining, enjoying the mod but it is probably not entirely accurate!

Clean stall would be faster than dirty. The data I have says the 600KG model stalls at 44 KIAS.

Or you’re saying it’s not stalling at clean numbers (which I don’t have)?

How do i clear off the giant grey upsidown V symbol from the middle of the G3x? No matter what I do it won’t go away.

I have the same problem! I don’t know whatsup. Only on the VL3, the carbon cub is fine.

I am saying at 5000 feet, power off or on full aft stick letting the speed bleed off it just mushes. No stall at all. Even with major aileron deflections. I will do some more testing later. It should have some sort of stall. I had it 30 degrees nose up with some power on, no stall. This is all clean (Gear up, Flaps up) I think what is happening is that the mod is providing enough thrust so that the wing does not lose enough lift which in reality it would. Again, not critiquing just providing feedback.

Gotcha. I agree it doesn’t nose down very aggressively.

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Yeah noted on the stall response. Stalls are notoriously difficult to reproduce properly in the FS2020 flight model, you will notice that most planes do not behave naturally. Having said that, I will be trying in the next few days (quite busy now) to have a good look at the CG setup and mass distribution. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve this. If not…we tried…and we need to wait for Asobo to improve the flight model interpretation (which is totally out of our hands). We shall see!

The stalls we do have however occur at the correct speeds. Do be sure however to test with: MTOW, clear skies, sea level.


And…we got more pronounced nose dips in our stalls! Not updating our distribution files yet though, we will be testing thoroughly first since we all seem to like the flight model so much as it is. The whole team wants to be absolutely sure that any change will be an improvement, not a compromise. So hold on for now…but this looks promising.

And if you thought ground handling was already good? Wait till you try the update :shushing_face:


Amazing work everyone. You have turned this into a fantastic aircraft. THANK YOU. :v:


i downloaded the plane + the working title mod + the fspackages but i cant find the autopiolet in the plane any tips?

The autopilot is inside the G3X, it’s software.

Ye but im not sure where to find the autopilot

Any way to turn the lights on for the physical switched in the cockpit? I cant seem to fid one, and the only way I can the the flashlight to come on to see them that was is if I turn off all power to the aircraft completely.

The giant upsidown V on the right panel in the G3x seems intermittent on some flights. Still no idea why, but it doesn’t always happen.

The performance on this aircraft is great, So much fun to fly. :smiley: It may say the ceiling is 23,000 but as long as you can avoid icing (I assuming there is no anti-ice) she flies well up to 30,000 for improved fuel economy. Or if you want to go low and slow. She’ll stay in the air at 1.6gph and you can sightsee for like 23 hours and cover 1700Kn.

So I downloaded CMDR Orvidius’s racing liveries from the 1st post, but they are installing for the base version of the plane, not the 915 version. How would get them to install for this version instead?


You see on the PFD, where the AP info would display? Black boxes on the top of the PFD, right above the Attitude indicator. Click on the black box. And a new screen will appear for the AP.


Thanks for enjoying our bird! The ceiling issue is one we unfortunately cannot address, this is affecting all planes as the root cause is in Asobo’s atmospheric impact on aircraft performance. In other words, we can’t stop you from going to FL300 for now :slight_smile: What matters though is that cruise performance is pretty much spot on for all altitudes. Fly her by the numbers (as Ryan said) and she’ll be accurate.

The cockpit lights … yeah no switch … activated by the ignition key if I recall (sorry was not involved in that part of the dev).


you hero thank you

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Good day,

The new guy here. 2 questions

  1. Is the interior supposed to be this color?
  2. How do I install the GX3 mod. This is the latest version I installed

Apologies if its simple and I just overlooked something.

There seems to be a texture issue on those dials an gauges that are greenish? Make sure you only have one mod in the community folder.

The G3X folder needs to be placed in community, thats all you need to do!

Thanks for speedy reply, You mean as in I cant have other mods like liveries in there for other planes? I have a few.

Figured it out, my crazy self didn’t have the original VL 3 installed LOL…downloaded it and now its fine…id10t error. Thanks again