VNAV Question

Hello, question regarding the WT G1000NXi VNAV profile.

Take a look at this screenshot of a route I have plugged in with an RNAV approach. For some reason the g1000 has some waypoint “ETNOR” as it’s vnav waypoint however the first RNAV approach point is NEPAM.

2 questions:

  1. why does it say ETNOR, where did that come from?
  2. how can I change the vnav waypoint to something else like the first waypoint in the RNAV approach?


Just a wild guess, but something assigned you the STAR 17 Arrival ETNO1N which would start with ETNOR and link into RNAV 17 Approach to ENBR. See the screenshot below. Sequence of waypoints on left, top-down view of STAR and approach on right.

Try a Direct-To to NEPAM from where you are right now. It should sequence from there.

when i first loaded up the sim there was a wrong approach in there. i cleared it and put in the correct route and approach. however the vnav waypoint won’t change. how do you get the correct vnav waypoit?


Not sure. I don’t think it matters as long as the VNAV profile on the approach is getting picked up - meaning NEPAM onwards. NXi doesn’t enforce enroute VNAV, so really, you’re only concerned that the VNAV altitude profile starting from NEPAM starts to appear in the upper right of the PFD once you’re on the NEPAM leg.

i’ll go ahead and fly this route and see if the vnav constraint gets fixed enroute. will report back

update. discovered something strange. so the VNAV waypoint still won’t change to NEPAM while enroute. However manually modifying NEPAM’s altitude restriction also changes ETNOR’s altitude! It’s like the G1000 is actually using NEPAM but showing ETNOR for some reason.

Weird! You might want to ask WT this one on their Discord.

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do you know the link to their discord?

Link expires in seven (7) days.

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