Voicemeeter and msfs?

Hello there,

I tried desesperatly to make MSFS playing nice with voicemeeter, and so far not much luck.

Whatever I tried, MSFS sent sound only once to any devices managed by voicemeeter then went blank (no sound sent anymore).

Is there anything else i can do beside restarting the PC each time i quite msfs ?

Thanks and fly safe

I have used Voicemeter (Banana version) a lot with MSFS2020. I had no problems. Only sometimes in VR MSFS (Rift S) I had no sound after startup and I had to “Restart Audio Engine” (Clicking Voicemeter Menu and then the uppermost option). So I did not have to restart Windows. A month ago I stopped using Voicemeter because now I use a small external mixing console. This gives me a better result using two audio cards and Simshaker for Aviators with a Buttkicker. I try to have few as possible programs running in the background when flying MSFS2020.