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so, if both my friend and me have volanta installed, we will be able to see each other ???


Yes you can…

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okey thx.
does it matter what NETWORKS is ON/OFF ??

Normal we fly on FS2020 network.

Networks are if they fly on other online services, like IVAO or VATSIM. Generally for FS2020 is only on Volanta Network. Those ON/OFF switch are merely to display which players at which network are currently online.

If you want to look at your friends, you need to add them to your friends list first and vice versa, it’ll help to find each other over mix of other players icons on the map. That way, you’ll know if your friend is online and where they are currently flying over.

okey thx.
we will now try it out.

Volanto test.
Now we have been testing.
seeing each other on the volanto map is ok.
in FS2020, we startet to see each other, then he would disappear for me, then i would disappear and so on. can we only see each other in a certain distance ?

Is there a manual for this Volanta ?

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Yes. This happens. MSFS2020 can be a bit janky with multiplayer.

This is probably due to a maximum number of players being displayed in the vicinity. You see it on livestreams all the time, when there are >50 people in one location. Planes dome, and go all the time.

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