Volanta vs Sim Toolkit Pro?

Been looking at these two for a while.

Anybody have a preference or can advice which one is best?

Honestly i like and have used both - currently using Volanta partly due to automation (they make using it so easy) and also its cosmetics - i just like the look of volanta :slight_smile:


The automation of Volanta is nice, and I really like the design. However, with Simtoolkitpro I really like the flight planning. They both do Simbrief import but Simtoolkitpro seems to show more information about the flight plan when you do import it. Simtoolkitpro even lets you edit the flight plan and choose stars/sids which is nice, haven’t found a way to do that with Volanta.

i like SimToolKitPro more because its free!

Well, STKP has lots more features. Volanta still looks very basic to me, but it is easy to handle. Both have their pro and cons. As both are free, you should just check them out and see what you like more.

Its a bit strange for me, i usually like STKP more, due to the features, but recently im using VOLANTA just because i dont need all the features of STKP right now. My main usecase right now is having the VATSIM map and Airport Metar information. Not much more i need right now, so Volanta fits.


To add:
What i like very much about STK is that it has realword routes included. So if you want to recreate a real world flight you can search the database with either the dep and arr airport, operator, aircraft type etc. Also the fleet management has much more options than Volanta.

However, i mainly fly for virtual airlines right now which has the routes database covered ans so i ended up using VOLANTA because, as already said, the only thing i need then is a good VATSIM Map with ATC coverage and frequencies.

STK also has chartfox integration but i use navigraph charts, so again, a nice feature, but i personally just dont need it.

IMHO, if you look for an “All-In-One” solution, STK pro. If you want something more basic, Volanta. :slight_smile:

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personal preference: VOLANTA. Switched from STKP due some unacceptable bugs. I use it only for Flight Log.

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So i tried both and liked Sim toolkit pro more.

What sold me was the feature where it shows on the map your touchdown point. And I also found that scrolling the map was smoother


Volanta is free too, the paid version is optional.


I absolutely LOVE Volanta. The most recent update made it next level(especially the weather enhancements). With that said, I don’t see the value in the premium version yet. The free one is great. I switched to it around 650 hours into my 1800. Haven’t looked back since. I run it and Navigraph while flying. I highly recommend it.

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Current situation. Navigraph on the left, Volanta right.


Volanta added that and a ToD calculator. Next level.

The new satellite view with the weather overlays is sick!

Check out what Volanta has become in the last couple of weeks. It’s a totally new, and better, animal.

I’m tellin’ ya, Volanta isn’t close to what it was. I love looking at my work.


If your PC can hang, just run both at the same time. Can’t hurt.

i think they will at somepoint close some features for the free version

How do you set weather on and satellite view on Volanat? I don’t see any weather and only see the map in black and white default mode. How do you change view to satellite?

There’s a settings tab on the right side of the screen. Open it and scroll to the bottom. The option is there. There’s also several radar versions. I prefer the Weather Channel feed, but to each they’re own. Good luck!