Volocity Flight Model

I welcome the new Volocity aircraft into MSFS, it marks the first aircraft of a different type being implemented into the sim. However I do not see an explanation anywhere into how this has been implemented, the WASM that is controlling it, and completely different packaging of this aircraft compared to conventional

As a big part of the community wants helicopters/vtols … , I feel that as 3rd party developers we deserve an explanation of how this was done, circumventing the usual restrictions from the aircraft editor …, many usual cfgs completely missing, and others in very unorthodox formats etc. I know from my own projects that WASM flight models are exceedingly annoying to do in the current framework fighting the in game flight model. Can the developers please clarify what is special for this aircraft, and how this has been achieved please?



Please submit a Zendesk ticket or perhaps post in All Posts - MSFS DevSupport

I’m not sure you’ll get an authoritative answer here.

I think this was done by the Volo guys, as they made it themselves (rather than Asobo), and probably wanted their proprietary figures protected.

I agree though, it would have been nice even to have a play around with numbers and especially give insight towards the framework behind it to allow us to make some of the other eVTOL machines in progress.

I agree that their WASM code will most likely be proprietary, that doesn’t explain how it bypassed all of the game’s frameworks, as there appears to be no Flight Model data for the regular FM

Isn’t that what’s locked in the fsarchives?

:man_shrugging: on that one, though this aircraft displays none of the characteristics of a conventional aircraft in the game, I can’t see any fm wing debugs either