Volocopter doesn't work with an Xbox Game Pad on PC

Doesn’t move when throttle is engaged. Throttle gets stuck. No way to fly this thing currently.

Working fine here, MS XBox Elite controller and PC.
Maybe you have conflicting mod or add-on in your community folder?
Vibrations not working since SU5.


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I wonder if it has anything to do with having auto-rudder enabled. I’ll have a look later.

Volocppter checklists are toyish. They don’t describe nothing and doesn’t help at all. Seems made in a hurry.

It does not start cold and dark on Xbox.

Either the buttons do not reflect what they should or testing and clarity fell behind.

There is buttons for each motor. I couldn’t see if they do something. There was an adaptation in Garmin to accomodate batteries track but it feels cheap and unpolished.

What the beta testers have to say on this?
Did they reported those things to Asobo?

A reminder that users who took part in the beta test flight will be unable to answer this because of the NDA.

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Works for me. The gamepad just automtically connects and works with the volocopter

I’m using an Xbox one pad, so would assume it should work. But it refuses to move even with throttle engaged. I’m at a loss - I know someone else reported the same issue a few days ago on a similar topic, so potentially more widespread.

Try reversing the throttle range you have set.
Flying with the Thrustmaster Airbus throttles I need to use it in reverse thrust range - it seems like the throttle is mounted backwards for this aircraft (perhaps only on some control setups)

I can move throttle and everything but it cannot start from Cold and Dark. It only works when start from runway.

This doesn’t work full stop, starting on runway makes no different. Press A for throttle and the Volocopter doesn’t move. It’s unusable right now.

No mods. Everything stock.