Volumetric clouds live weather

I’ve recently come back to flight sim and noticed the volumetric clouds don’t look so great. As you move in and out of clouds there are ugly horizontal lines almost as if the clouds aren’t three dimensional anymore. Have Asobo changed the clouds in SU7 for some reason? I know there’s been loads of issues with live weather, maybe this is related?

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No, I haven’t seen any changes in clouds, certainly no horizontal lines.

I’ve not seen that. Clouds look normal.

I think he means that they sometimes they have a flat surface underneath,like a cake being sliced with a knife.
I’ve also seen that

Noticed in live weather these strange clouds at ground level and it’s these clouds that have the horizontal lines when passing into and out of them. Think it might be a type of fog effect that Asobo have introduced but I maybe wrong

Exactly that, as if your passing through layers with very defined lines separating them. Never seen that before SU7

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Yes, if that’s what you are talking about, quite a few in here have commented on that.

Thanks, so is this supposed to be fog?

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Ok but not exactly on topic. I’m specifically talking about a horizontal line effect when transitioning through ground level clouds which I believe might be a new fog effect

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