Volumetric lights gone after su5!

This is going insane… what have you done with this su5…


What!?? Did they really take this out?

(I haven’t flown in enough conditions to see that or not yet)

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jo confirmed! its gone!


There’s a voting thread here:

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Yep. It has gone. Not good.

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There is another thread similar to this topic that you may want to consider looking at.

they consider us all some kind of id**t folks who cannot recognize the difference between before and afte.r

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I didn’t notice there ever was a thing called “volumetric lighting” in MSFS before. I think that volumetric effect in the AVSIM post only occurs if you have a foggy or high aerosol density setting. If the air has impurity particles floating around, then those lights will appear that way.

On a clear and clean air, lights don’t make that effect. Perhaps try with a custom weather preset with higher aerosol densitity and some haze. See if it can reproduce the same effect.

On Another side, I opened the opt file earlier and I did find something new “RayTracing” that was set to 0. I set this to 1, but I’m not sure what to look for.

Download Nvidia driver v466.77, and the Lights Work again.

At the moment the only way…



This also fixes the visual glitches some see with lights in general

Hm, really? This is supposed to have been fixed with Hotfix #2.

Nope :wink:


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